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Dartmouth-Hitchcock pharmacy is a high volume retail pharmacy in New Hampshire, serving over 21,000 patients each year. As a fully integrated member of the healthcare team, pharmacists and technicians have access to electronic medical records and real time contact with physicians to deliver comprehensive, patient centric, care.

D-H Pharmacy has a dedicated staff of over 40 technicians and pharmacists combined, and each one is encouraged to work to the top of their certification or licensure to promote patient health and well being. Our goal is to exceed our patients’ expectations and provide them with an effortless experience, every time.


In addition to operating a retail pharmacy, D-H Pharmacy provides Specialty Pharmacy services with dedicated pharmacists that work closely with each patient to monitor adverse drug reactions, adherence barriers, drug-drug interactions, and answer clinical questions. Clinical services include: medication therapy management, prescription adherence and compliance services, immunizations, and blood pressure screening. Prescriptions can be mailed free of charge to patients in 8 states.

To help provide an effortless customer service experience, the pharmacy operates a Call Center that handles ~450 calls daily and increases patient access to fast, friendly, and well-informed pharmacy staff. Patients can also access a free mobile app allowing them to manage prescription refills, set reminders to improve adherence, and be alerted instantaneously when a prescription is ready for pick up.

Pharmacists and technicians who want to provide more extensive pharmacy services for patients and are committed to moving the profession of pharmacy forward, are encouraged to apply.