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The Clinical Ambulatory Pharmacistsat Dartmouth-Hitchcock work as part of an interdisciplinary team within the largest community group practice sites across the state of NH providing the highest quality patient care experience. Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s commitment to sustainable healthcare supports this innovative approach by allowing Providers to refer to Pharmacists for comprehensive medication management. Pharmacists work with patients, providing education, make recommendations to optimize drug therapy regimens and ensure medication use is appropriate, effective, safe, and able to be taken as intended. The Pharmacists also work collaboratively with Providers to help achieve therapeutic goals within chronic care clinics. These services will be provided in Lebanon, Manchester, Concord, Nashua and Keene.


Employee Testimonial:

Here are a few reasons that made DHMC stand out:

1.) The supportive/positive work environment and caring employees—I knew a few DHMC employees (all in different positions) prior to applying for my position. They have had nothing but nice things to say about working for DHMC and have all been in their positions for many years. During the almost 2 months that I have worked for DH, I can see what they told me is absolutely true. Everyone I have worked with has continued to promote this positive work environment. They have been extremely helpful and made me feel comfortable right away which is a great feeling when starting a new position.

2.) DH encourages continuous learning – DH encourages continuous learning by not only providing access to a great amount of resources but also through collaboration with other healthcare professionals. Being part of a teaching institution is something that I value greatly. I believe it also helps to promote healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, to be exposed to new and unique opportunities and to be able to practice at the top of our licenses.